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First Graid on ToTC 10

The Restlessdead Awake, Apr 16, 11 5:01 PM.
Very close to a success. If we had someone who could raid heal we would have beaten Anub hands down. Considering we were running with two priest healers, I consider anything up to or past the Twins a success. Good Job guys. Just need a few more members to fill up the raid slots and then we can have complete Graids.

Raid Calendar

The Restlessdead Awake, Apr 14, 11 2:14 PM.
Be sure to check the raid calendar and sign up for a slot in the raids that are currently available. We will be hitting VoA and ToTC 10 in guild runs over the course of the next few weeks to get a feel for what we are capable of.

Recruiting Tab

The Restlessdead Awake, Apr 13, 11 1:17 AM.
For anyone who is visiting, the recruiting tab on the right shows the approximate composition of our ideal 25 man raid. Please click the more info button for some exceptions that could not be handled, at least currently. It also contains information about what information we want from applicants.

Raid Achievements

The Restlessdead Awake, Apr 11, 11 8:36 PM.
If there are any particular raid achievements that people would like to go for, feel free to bring them up and groups will be set up.


The Restlessdead Awake, Apr 11, 11 7:12 PM.
Raid times will be posted on the calendar. Message me ingame if you are unable to attend because of a time conflict and I will see what can be moved around. We're trying to take down Anub' Arak at some point this weekend to get some photos up in the gallery. All times posted on the calendar are server time for simplicity's sake.
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Once we have raid groups up and running, a voice chat will be implemented. Until that time we are considering our options.
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